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Lotto numbers dream book

By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by following this link. Dreaming of winning the lottery is a fantastic positive dream!

It indicates that material gain will soon be yours. Winning the lottery in a dream is associated with freedom, happiness and gain.

lotto numbers dream book

If you have woken up and wondered what the dream of playing the lottery could signify? Are you going to be the one! Are you going to be a lucky winner? Gambling in dreams often connected to how we need to seek freedom. Hearing or seeing numbers flicking through our dream mind can indicate that you will increase your ability to attract success in waking life. Yes, it is a great omen! I just wanted to discuss a little bit about the lottery before we move into specific dream meanings.

The lottery has been around for as long as we have been on earth. There are three types of lotteries that can appear in your dream as follows:. Instant games in dreams can indicate that you will have gain in life and this will be instantly achieved. It could be a decision or simply a task that you have. This second type of lotto means that you need to pick some digit numbers 0 to 10 and various one digit games. In my experience, dreaming of winning money through digits can indicate a new fresh start in life.

This is the traditional lotto and winning this can indicate that your gain will be substantial. If you scroll down I have outlined more specifically what this dream means. Participation in a lottery draw in your dream forecasts possible financial gains in life.

If you do not win the lottery in your dream, but play the game then you will get results but it will take time. It might also indicate a solution to a difficult problem in life.

To lose a winning lottery ticket in a dream suggests you will be able to mastermind your projects or goals. In this dream, it indicates that you might have to face fate, good or bad, rich or for poorer. If you did dream of specific lottery numbers then go ahead and play them!

Please take note of the numbers in your dream, this could mean something! To dream of a set of lottery numbers specifically may suggest that you are focused on wealth and material gain. To see specific numbers such as the lower numbers suggests that you have been acting rationally. To see mid numbers suggests that you have many influences in life.

Lucky Numbers Dream Guide

You may wish to evaluate your potential income in life. Buying a lottery ticket and seeing specific numbers can also imply that you will have success in harmony. Dreaming of higher numbers such as lottery numbers in the 40s and 50s indicate a luxurious living experience.

This dream also is a wake-up call to try to nurture your creative side. If you bought multiple lottery tickets in the dream it can suggest that your instinct is somewhat powerful and the money will soon be yours. This could also be a dream of warning, you need to be aware of overspending your money. In your dream, you may be given a lottery ticket and this indicates that luck and prosperity are really in your power. Sometimes we perceive this world from our own perspective and to be given a lottery ticket reminds us that there are external monetary forces that can be taken for the greater good.

To find a lottery ticket in the dream indicates that you are going to suddenly have a sense of acceptance of a difficult situation. As I have mentioned before, dreaming of winning the lottery is a fantastic omen.Pick 3 Digit Wheeling A simple strategy of picking numbers Combining digits that just hit with digits that are the farthest out is an easy way to come up with a reasonable play list. Read more Thanks for your interest in the Pick All features of the Pick Option 2: P34SUG.

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Friday, April 10, Guest History Favorites. LOG IN.A curiosity of hoodoo magic for gambling luck"Aunt Sally's Policy Players Dream Book" consists of nine separate alphabetical lists of objects and situations found in dreams with interpretations and lucky numbers for playing policy, an illegal and now obsolete lottery once popular in the black community.

Also included is a reprint of a 19th century French divination system called the "Oraculum or Book of Fate," based on an old Arabic system of sand-divination commonly called geomancy.

The author is unknown, but in the first edition, the copyright was claimed by Henry J. Later acsimile editions were printed by I. The image shown here is from a facsimile edition published during the s.

lotto numbers dream book

The cover depicts a thin, gap-toothed old black woman in a head scarf, shawl, calico blouse, and apron. In the ss a major hoodoo supplier, the King Novelty Company, not only sold the "Dream Book" but also manufactured a line of Aunt Sally's incense and other hoodoo potions. King's Aunt Sally was flipped right for left, and was younger and plumper, but she still wore the old slavery-days costume.

She looked a lot like the then-current image of Aunt Jemima, seen on the pancake mix of the same name. Policy was an illegal lottery first introduced in Chicago in by an operator nick-named Policy Sam.

It soon spread around the country and, despite anti-policy laws, which started appearing on the books as early asit flourished everywhere in America until legal numbers games such as state lotteries supplanted it. Eventually the use of the term "policy" for this type of game came to imply an African-American clientele, for among Italian-Americans a similar illegal lottery was called "the numbers," while Cuban-Americans in New York referred to their lottery as "bolita. One could also play at a "policy shop" or "policy office," where the bets were taken and the stakes held by "policy writers.

Borrowing from horse-racing terminology, a two-number betting combination was called a "saddle," a three-number combination a "gig," and a four-number combination a "horse. Some gigs were so well-known that they had their own names, such as "the washerwoman's gig" 4, 11, 44 and "the dirty gig" 3, 6, 9. In the 19th century, a wager could be as low as one cent per number or three cents per gig; by the s most operators set a three-cent or nickel lower limit on bets.

The payout was usually ten-to-one, but higher payouts were made for groups of numbers. Winning policy bets were selected several times a day, when those who ran the game spun a large wheel and "the numbers fell. This did not stop people from betting, though. The policy company that ran this game, known as "Clearing-House," was immune to charges of corruption, and offered the further advantage that the bettor did not need to contact a runner or return to the office to learn if he or she had won -- because the numbers were printed in the daily newspapers.

In the South another "on-the-level" policy game, called "The Cotton Exchange," derived its winning numbers from the daily spot prices for cotton on the Chicago Board of Trade. At the highest levels, there were definite connections between the African-American, Jewish, and Italian-American mobsters who controlled both the policy companies and the numbers rackets; they sometimes teamed up to open new territories, and other times they killed one another to dominate gambling operations in certain towns or among certain ethnic groups.

The use of policy dream books may be as simple asto catch lucky numbers through dreams, but the gift of dreaming true is valuable in many ways, however, not just for money-making. They link dream images e.Its front cover was missing and its back cover had been slid inside the book.

Dream Book. This Is Your Lucky Day. What Did You Dream? Uriah Konje. Anything below that is a time-waster. With my auction dream book in hand, I decided to Google Prof. Parris Companyand lived in upstate New York. He published five or more books on dreams and policy — an early and illegal lottery in the black community — along with revised editions of some of the books.

Several of the books could be purchased from a G. Dream Book itself. He also wrote under the pseudonym Prof. De Herbert. I called my sister, who had spent the early evening helping my mother move into a new house. After I described the book, she was very excited. Wanted to buy it from me. Could they have changed over the years? Does luck run out on some numbers after a given time?

Who knows. Then she wanted to know the numbers for moving.

The FREE LOTTO Dream eBook

I looked up the word: Ku Klux Klan: Kinky hair: Colored wowen Confederacy: To see a race riot: To see a black cat running across the street: To see a train wreck: When you stump your toe: When your hands itch: Tucked inside my Prof.

I beseech you to wake up, and teach your children trades and professions of all kinds. It is time for the Colored People of the world to hold their industrial and educational pre-eminence. Sorry, my copy is not for sale.

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Keep an eye on eBay to see if an original comes up or check sites on the web. Sherry, I have looked all around to find a copy but cant find any in a bookstore. Can I download it anywhere or. Help a brother. Hi, here are links to two sites I found online that list several types of dream for sale.

I remember those days in the south when the black community had their own lottery. It was simply called the Numbers.Our blog LotterySquirrel. We have seen many people searching for Lotto Dream eBooks, so we decided to create one, as we have lived the dream first hand and have lots of valuable tips. Ric Wallace had a 2-year plan to win big on the lottery and he did it. He even wrote 3 ebooks to help plan your win. Virtual Edge Communications invites you to try Square. Afterwards, you pay the standard 2.

Disclosure: We are compensated for affiliate links from the companies whose products appear on this site, if a sale is made. People win every day! Lotteries do not discriminate other than requiring players to be of legal age to play. Below are a few to check out.

Return to top of page. Lotteries are drawn every day of the year! Want to win the lottery? A home builder has to complete many tasks like BLUE PRINTS or designing a house, line up permits, hire sub trades, get materials, etc before the home can be completed and the keys handed over to the home owner. Building a house as you go with things not lined up can be a disaster or building nightmare and in turn can cost thousands and a lot of aggravation. Having a printable LOTTO Dream eBook means you can easily customize it to fit your dreams instead of trying to make your dreams fit a cookie-cutter book.

Think of this as putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. Many people have WON BIG and mismanaged their newfound fortune with out-of-control spending or handing out money to everyone who asks. Click Here to see next air date for the Country Millionaire episode.Nope, what we have here is a complete and total rip-off of the title and concept but not the contents of the fabulous Rajah Rabo series, written by someone called -- i kid you not! That's right, Rajah Stanley.

Okay, so with that out of the way, let's find out what Rajah Stanley was up to: This book consists of 96 pages of keywords, of which 70 are keywords describing dreams.

lotto numbers dream book

In this early example of the technique, the phrases are: "Don't Do It," "Selections," "Special Alert," "New Experiences," and "Warning" -- and with these strangely compelling but essentially meaningless big-type word-and-numeral layouts, Rajah Stanley ushered in the late 20th century era of "catch-phrase" numbers picks.

This catch-phrase system if you can call it a "system" -- it hardly seems to merit that appellation has not supplanted the older, tried and true dream pick, runs down, and workout systems that characterize 19th and 20th century lottery books, but as the 21st century rolls on, we see more and more of these big-type layouts being offered for sale, and to date there has been little backlash against them, perhaps because despite their limitations you get so few numbers per page!

Since this is the "26th Successful Updated Edition," i have given it the tentative original publication date of I have not been able to turn up any information about the author of this book, except that he signed his work "Stanley" and that this book was originally published in Mahopac, New York.

I do not know whether Stanley was the author's first name, last name, or a completely fabricated name like the "Rajah" attribution on the cover.

Whoever the author was -- Ralph Anderson, perhaps, or Theodore Becker -- he was obviously familiar with the work of Carl. In a way it is too bad that Rajah Stanley thought so little of himself and his own work that he tried to piggyback on the fame of Rajah Rabo, because although he certainly had a few original ideas of his own, his choice of pseudonym and subtitle for this book will eternally consign him to the ranks of poseurs and wannabes, and keep from him the recognition he actually deserves.

So, if you do buy this book, just remember, it is not quite what it pretends to be, but it has merit in its own right. All rights reserved. Send your comments to: cat yronwode. Did you like what you read here? Find it useful? Then please click on the Paypal Secure Server logo and make a small donation to catherine yronwode for the creation and maintenance of this site.

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lotto numbers dream book

Sacred Landscape.Have you had a dream and want to know what it means for your lucky numbers bets? Well check out our Lucky Numbers Dream Guide below, to see what numbers you should be playing.

Our dream guides will help you translate your dreams into numbers, all listed in a convenient A-Z format, you can even download our guide to your phone for offline viewing. If you are looking for the best websites to bet lucky numbers then check out our list of lucky numbers and sports betting sites. There are over 50 bookmakers that offer betting!

Finding Abundance – Dream Lottery Numbers – Self Hypnosis – Wealth Affirmations

A lucky numbers guide is a guide that references several dreams into their respective numbers. An example : You dream of being pregnant while driving a car with lots of money. Pregnant is 20, a car is 51 and money is 2. So your lucky numbers would be 20, 51 and 2.

Many punters use dream guides to translate their dreams into numbers, it has a great history in South Africa, going back several decades. Alternatively you can also find another lucky number guide on Betting Guidewith over dream number combinations. Kindly note that these dream guides may differ. Find your respective number next to the item or event you dreamed about. Fafi, also known as moChina is a form of betting done by many South Africans, it is believed to have originated from the Chinese community in South Africa.

Fafi participants choose the number they want to bet on by interpreting their dreams to numbers. This dream interpretation is based upon a variety of systems from dream guides to traditional combinations. When a punter has decided upon their lucky number, participants will then place a bet on their number.

A dream is assigned a number, for example water would be number 14, cow 29 and so on. The game requires a woman runner to take the bag of bets, along with the names of the punters and their stake, to someone, usually Chinese, who visits the station house of the runner holding the betting session.

The Chinese person will take the bag from the runner and then whisper the winning number to her. King; Human blood; White man; Left eye 2. Dead man; Turkey; Small Fortune; Bed 5. Tiger; Fight; Strong Man 6. Ox Blood; Gentleman; Milk 7.

Lottery Dream Meaning

Lion; Thief; Big stick; Chickens 8. Pig; Drunken man; Loafer; Fat man; Chinese king 9. Dead woman; Ducks; Small fire; Chinese Queen Big fish; Ghosts; Spirits Old woman; Fox; Detective; Nurse; Native woman Bad woman; Prostitute; Canary; White horse; Small knife Little girl; Smoke; Bread; Big bird; Left hand Rats; Motor car; Big ship; Left foot; Shoes Horse; Doctor; Head; Hair; Crown Big house; Church; Boxer; Hospital Dog; Policeman; Newborn baby; Medicine; Sad news Gold money; Dirty woman; Snake Little boy; Spider

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